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Finding the perfect Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution can be a daunting task.

We created Prospect Sleuth CRM to be an easy to use, simple CRM solution, but no one system can be perfect for everyone. Different businesses have different work flows. When an "out of the box" solution doesnt work for you, Prospect Sleuth is here to custom build our core CRM to meet your needs.

CRM consulting: We will work with you every step of the way to create the perfect CRM for your business. By learning your company's work flows, business models, processes, we will build a system custom tailored to your specifications. We have the core of our CRM and lead tracking logic setup as you can see in our demo, so building a custom crm solution is not as time consuming or expensive as you might think. Think of the employee training time alone that you will save, as your employees already know how your business operates.

Our demo is a fully functional version of what you get with our membership plan and is the core of our custom built solutions. If you like what you see, rest assured that we can add any modules or functionality that you need. Anything from additional fields & pages to track specific data, custom reports & dashboards, user roles & permissions, etc. Anything you can think of, we can do the custom programming. Need to integrate into other existing software or databases? We can setup your CRM to do that too.

The best part is, your solution will be cloud based. If you need future enhancements, we do not need to ship you new software or have you download updates to any machines. We make the change on our servers (or your servers if you choose to host it yourself), your browser takes care of the rest. We can create a long term relationship and add functionality in phases as well, if you do not have a budget to add everything right away.

If you are located near Southern California, lets meet up to discuss your options! We can have in person meetings if you are in San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.

Science and technology drives everything we do today. Software and computer tools can automate many facets of your business. With a custom built crm, any small scale or large scale business can get all their business purposes served quite efficiently. There are new customized tools and applications coming up in the market that can meet all client requirements easily. A CRM tool is designed to perfection to deliver some of the best solutions for any business. With the help of custom crm solutions & development, businesses can gain much popularity and drive sales through a systematic process. There are many new service providers available in the market where you can get customized CRM tool. We are one reputed service provider bringing for all our clients a personalized and suitable CRM Software Solution that can best fit into your business requirements. Our team works tirelessly and strives to offer the best of solutions for all our clients. Make sure you check our online portal and learn all important details and facts about our web based crm software. We are always available to address your issues and provide one of the best and most effective CRM solutions.

We do not stop at Customer Relationship Management Software. Our custom software development team can create any mobile application or database that you can come up with.

Benefits of a Custom Built CRM

  • Smooth integration: Your custom CRM solution gets designed to your exact business needs & workflow. One carefully designed system can be your all-in-one business management system, no need to buy several software suites.
  • Simple & easy: Avoid the bloat of un-needed features & learning curve of larger pre-built vendors.
  • Have your own dedicated database, not shared by the other members of Prospect Sleuth
  • Immediate / priority support response & resolution time
  • Have your own custom link/URL with login page
  • Flexible options to host the application yourself, or host with our powerful servers. We take care of all maintenance.
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  • Pricing on a custom built CRM version varies. This option is for those that are serious about your business and looking for top quality work. Costs depend on the level of customization you need and hosting options.

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