User Guides for our CRM

Click the links below to get information and help on using the CRM system

Basic Functions Tutorial Video - Click here for video walkthrough & tutorial.

Leads & Follow Up - Click here for help using the main Leads form.

User & Sales Hierarchy - Get help adding users and creating your sales hierarchy.

Appointments & Google Calendar - Learn how appointments work with Google Calendar & timezones, etc.

Google Calendar Support - Help & support right from Google.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • How do I edit an existing Lead?
    • On the main Leads form. Click the pencil icon next to any lead row.
      lead row
  • Can I sort my leads by other fields and columns or only the default?
    • Go to your Profile page - you can select any columns you want to display and save it to your account - hold [Ctrl] & make your selections, then Save your Profile. You can then see these column selections displaying on the main leads form.
  • How do I get more Users? (Upgrade the max User Package in my account?)
    • Within the CRM, you must be logged in as your company's System Administrator. In the menu go to 'Profile'. Next to 'Membership Status', click the link 'Need more Users?'. Then select your new User Package / # of users and proceed to Subscribe at PayPal.
  • How do I cancel and delete my entire account? How do I delete a specific user?
    • Within the CRM, you must be logged in as your company's System Administrator. In the menu go to 'Admin' --> 'Users'. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click [Delete Company Account]. This will erase all of your data and all of your users. If you wish to just delete a user from your company. Click the X to delete in the user list.
  • How do I cancel my recurring membership payments?
    • You may cancel recurring payments through your PayPal account.
      Any remaining time on this month's billing period is non refundable. If you have already cancelled through PayPal, your account will automatically expire on your next scheduled payment date, and revert back to the free account. Any time left on last paid 30 day cycle will be honored.
      If you cancel your account at Prospect Sleuth, you must also cancel your recurring payments at PayPal or you will continue to be billed.
  • How do I change my password? & Password Reset help.
    • There are 3 ways to change your existing password.

      1) If you are already logged into the CRM, go to your Profile page and change your password there.

      2) Go to login page, click 'Forgot password' and submit your email address on file. This will send a ONE TIME use Reset Password email to that email address. If you or your System Admin change your password before you get to this email, the link in this email will not be valid anymore. If your link from the email is not working, just resubmit the Forgot Password form, chances are you or an admin already changed your password and the link is not be valid anymore. Still having problems? Go to #3 below.

      3) Have your System Admin change your password. Within the CRM, you must be logged in as your company's System Administrator. In the menu go to Admin --> Users. Click EDIT on the user and update their password accordingly.
  • The CRM system does not seem to be working correctly... What should I do?
    • Javascript & cookies must be enabled in your browser. Check this first.

      As with any online application, there are a lot of factors at play, your browser version and operating system are the biggest. Something could be mixed up on your machine/device. Sometimes closing your browser completely and re-opening will solve any issues. Next try completely restarting your device, you need to restart your computer from time to time to keep things running smoothly. If none of this works, then it might be time to let us know about it :)
  • I accidentally reset my database and/or deleted leads that I need back. Are these lost for good?
    • We create nightly backups of the shared database system. We may be able to restore deleted leads, for a fee. Contact us immediately or your leads may be lost for good.
  • Does your system integrate with Outlook or can I send emails from the system?
    • At Prospect Sleuth we take pride in keeping our system simple. We focus on the lead the data. On the main leads form you can click on a name in the Contact column, and it will automatically open Outlook, or whatever email program you have installed on your device to send that email. But Prospect Sleuth does not track these emails. We leave market emailing to other 3rd party software that deals with email exclusively (Mail Chimp or Constant Contact for example, they do this and much more for your marketing needs). You can export an MS Excel or CSV list of your leads and import that into your email marketing software of choice.
      However, we can setup email integration into custom versions of our software that you can purchase seperately. Contact us for more details.
  • How do I sync my calendar with Google? Or my appointments are not showing up in Google.
  • Sometimes I am redirected and prompted to login to my Google Account? What is up with that?
    • If you have enabled 'Push Appointments to Google Calendar' on your Profile page, you have to be actively logged in at Google for the appointment push to operate correctly. Login when this happens and give permission if Google asks, then you will be redirected back to your previous page at Prospect Sleuth.

      More details can be found at our Google Calendar help page.
  • Can we customize the software to meet our business work-flows ?
    • Not within the shared CRM that you sign up for here on the website. But we can create a custom built CRM for you. Contact us for more details.
  • Is my data secure at Prospect Sleuth?
    • Yes! We use the latest TLS / SSL security. Which means all data to and from our servers is encrypted for your protection. You will notice the security lock in your browser and the URL is https. This is included with any version of our software.

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