Leads / Follow Up Maintenance

Video Tutorial - In the main Leads form, you have access to all leads assigned to you. Your SystemAdministrator has setup your company/user hierarchy. If you are a GeneralManager or have users reporting to you, you will see your User/Sales Person Hierarchy tree and also have access to leads assigned to each SalesPerson down the hierarchy from you. Simply click the user in the hierarchy to filter the Leads list by that user. Again, if you do not see the User/Sales Person Hierarchy, disregard this part, you only have access to your own Leads.

 User/Sales Person Hierarchy:  If you hover over a user/node in the hierarchy tree you will get the full name and role of that user. Click this blue link next to the data grid (User/Sales Person Hierarchy) to get a better visualization of your current user hierarchy.

Click Add Lead in the CRM menu to get started. The Next Appointment Date field on the Add Lead form will create an appointment in your Appointments Calendar (& your Google Calendar if you have this enabled on your Profile). There is also a bulk lead import option so you do not have to manually enter each lead. See Leads --> Import Leads in the menu for details.

Transfer Leads: If you see the User/Sales Person Hierarchy tree while logged in you will also be able to assign or Transfer Leads to other users in the hierarchy. Check off the leads you want to transfer in the XFR / DEL column, then select the user you want to assign these leads to from the Transfer (XFR) Selected Records to User: drop down list and click Transfer button. This will transfer the lead and any appointments that were set for that lead, to the new user. If you wish to check off and transfer more users at once, set the Page size: drop down at the bottom of the grid to a higher number.
* SalesPerson user role will only be able to assign leads to themselves, & no ability to transfer. Same with any user that has been assigned the special MLM 'Add Users' rights. See the User Maintenance form for more details.

Row Hover Details: Go to your Profile form to toggle the lead pop up details that appears when hovering over a lead row. See the hover details for a google map location of the selected Lead.

Grouping: You can group the leads list results on screen by most of the visible columns. Click and drag any column header to the [Drag a column header and drop it here to group by that column] area above the grid to group by a column. For example, drag the Company column to get a listing grouped by Company Names. Click the X button that appears here next to the grouped column name to Clear the Grouping.

Refresh, Date Range & Exporting: Click the Refresh icon arrows in the upper right corner of the grid results. This will refresh the results and pull down any new leads that have been entered by other users. Use this when selecting a new Date Range to search on or the Email search box (Start & End Date range used the Last Follow Up Date). Click the green MS Excel or CSV icons to the right of the Refresh icon to export your lead data in the grid (all fields).

Columns, Sorting, Resizing and Re-ordering: The data column display is flexible. Go to your Profile page to update what columns / fields display in your Leads data grid. Click any column header text to sort the results by that column. You may also resize columns widths and re-order the columns on screen. Click and drag to re-order the columns. The grid is initially sorted by Last Follow Up date column. Your sort order will remain/persist throughout the login session.

Search: Users can search/filter the lead data results even further using the text boxes located in this quick Search row. This row of text boxes is not for entering data, but for filtering. Type in a search value and press [Tab] or [Enter] on keyboard. For example, if you want to find all Leads for company 'XYZ Company', Type 'XYZ Company' (without quotes) in the text box underneath the Company column header and hit [Tab] or [Enter]. You can filter on multiple columns at once.

Lead row buttons / actions: The delete [X] button in the first column of every row will permanently delete a lead record. If you are a SalesPerson role, you will not see this button. Only a GeneralManager or a SystemAdministrator have access to deleting leads. Anyone can use the Pencil icon to edit information on leads they have access to.
- Useres can also do a mass delete, just check off what leads you want to permanently delete in the XFR / DEL column, and click the delete all [X] button underneath.
- System Administrators can also RESET your company's database by clicking "Reset Database" underneath the data grid. This will completely clear our your leads and database. Be carefull!

Follow Up [>>] : Click this button to load the Lead Details / Follow Up Log Entry Form. Here you will see details about the Lead, and all previous Follow Up attempts with the lead. E.g: you made a phone call to a lead and left a voice mail. Enter these details in the Comment: box, and leave the Status / Follow Up Results as Open as you did not get a hold of the lead to close the deal. You may also create an appointment in your Appointments Calendar via the Next Appointment: field so you know when you have to meet with this lead again. You may also add appointments directly on the Calendar screen.

Quickly navigate to your next Lead in the list with the Next >> button. This will only iterate through your active list behind the window. Select a new Page Size at the bottom of the list in the main Leads window if you wish to iterate through more leads at once.

Google Calendar Push. Follow Up appointments & appointments added from the Calendar form are automatically pushed to your Google Calendar. One-way data PUSH: Non Prospect Sleuth related appointments are not pulled from Google however, to keep the system calendar focused on your leads. More details here (paid subscription feature)

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