Lead Distribution via User Hierarchy Setup

Video Tutorial - Users (SystemAdministrator, GeneralManager and SalesPerson) are organized into a hierarchy. A hierarchy is ideal in mimicking an actual company setup and making lead distribution easy.

On the main Leads form, any logged in user will have access to all leads assigned to them as well as leads assigned to each user that Reports To them, and further down the hierarchy. For example, ManagerA would see all of the leads assigned to each SalesPerson beneath him/her. However, ManagerA would not see leads assigned to a SalesPerson who Reports To ManagerB.

A SystemAdmin can never Report To anyone. They are the highest level of the hierarchy and can view ALL Leads in the system entered by and/or assigned to anyone. SystemAdmin is also the only User Role that has unrestricted access to the Admin tab in the menu & all other features.

If you do not like the User Hierarchy setup, and would just like a list of users who only have access to their own Leads without a hierarchy, Contact Prospect Sleuth to request a customized version.

A typical company would have one SystemAdmin. They would create and assign one or more Managers beneath them by selecting the appropriate user in the Reports To field. This field is ignored when editing your SystemAdmin user account.

Next, the SystemAdmin would create each SalePerson and assign them to the appropriate Manager that was setup in the previous step. — if your company does not have a Manager, the SalesPerson users can report directly to the SystemAdmin.

Use the User Hierarchy Visualization tool to help visualize your company hierarchy. View our Demo from the home page for an example of a user hierarchy.
Remember to click the green REFRESH icon after adding or editing users to rebuild the hierarchy structure.

Add Users checkbox. By default only the SystemAdmin can add users to the system. However, if you check the Add Users checkbox, the user you are creating will have restricted access to this User Maintenance form & be allowed to add & assign users to him/her-self (& only on the level directly below them). Most of the time this is only useful for MLM / Direct Seller type companies, where sales people are encouraged to recruit other consultants. Leave this box unchecked if you do not want to grant this ability to other users & only allow the SystemAdmin to control user accounts.

Leads can also be transferred (XFR) from user to user by the appropriate Manager or a SystemAdmin. There is also a bulk lead import option so you do not have to manually enter each lead. See Leads --> Import Leads in the menu above for details.

  Salesperson Multi Level Visualization

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